We all have an innate ability to self-heal. You are the missing component to getting better. The Voyage to HEAL is where traditional medicine of stretches, exercises, and body mechanics meets historical, ancient medicine of mind over matter and the power of God. This is your guide to shift your perspective from fear to love so that nothing may hold you back, including yourself.

Each week you will be provided with a stretch for one area of the body following the myofascial release principles of place and hold, a meditation that correlates to the messages of that area of the body and guides you to let go of what hasn't been serving you well, a postural correction such as bending your knees, and gentle pelvic floor and core strengthening exercises. This combination addresses pain and illness from cumulative everyday habits, physical injuries, and emotional distress.

As these new pathways of moving, thinking, and feeling are created, your pain and illness will subside and life will transform to your new, brighter way of being. Life is a gift, God will always be with you, and heaven can be here on earth. Peace is possible. You can do this. Give this gift to yourself.


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Myofascial Release Stretches

Watch the guided stretching videos to find the stretch perfect for you.


Without a stable pelvic floor and core musculature, the rest of the body will overwork and use tension to stay upright.

Perspective Enlightenment

The mind is the captain of our ship and determines where we sail. Follow these meditations to find peace.

Postural Corrections

Attain an aligned posture to correct cumulative traumas of our everyday habits. Awareness is the greatest shifter.

Access Instructions

Access to Voyage to HEAL requires the one-time purchase of a lifetime membership. If you have already purchased a lifetime membership but do not see your chapters to the top-right, please login to the top-right sidebar, in order to view and access all our Voyage to HEAL Chapters. If you have not yet purchased our Voyage to HEAL Membership, please click the Purchase Here button to gain access.

Who is this program beneficial for?

Slow down, Listen, Feel, & Heal

 Not all stretches are created equal. If you have been dealing with chronic, debilitating pain without relief, you've come to the right place. If you have spent the last several years giving of yourself, helping others while your body and heart have paid the price, you've come to the right place. If your everyday activities have only been tightening the tension in your body, then you've come to the right place. If you are ready to end the cycle of physical and emotional pain that you have been carry with you for so very long, then you have come to the right place.

This voyage is more than just physical stretches. You are about to embark on a voyage releasing the energy that has been stored up in your body, holding you tight, pulling you out of alignment and resulting in pain and illness. Though this response is perceived as causing harm, this is your body's way of trying to protect you. Your body has been trying to hold you together, trying to keep you safe, trying to make things right. Yet as one area closed off, another area overworked and got tired and then that area, too, closed off and the cycle continued on. Your body really is your best friend. Your body is struggling just as much as you are. Pain is stored energy that has not been released. The time to let go is now.

Your body, your soul’s transportation device, would love to end this cycle. Your inner guide is the part of you that knows you best, that wants to see you happy, that wants to teach you how to release your pain and live a life of love. Your inner guide is your intuition which can manifest to you as God, an angel, a loved one who has passed away, a spirit guide, an animal, anything that you associate closely with. Throughout this voyage, you will slow down, listen, feel, and you will hear your inner guide direct you to finding peace.

 Are you ready? Then come with me on a voyage to establish Healthy Everyday Activities for Life. This is the place that you have come to HEAL. I am honored to be your outer guide on this voyage to awaken your inner guide and find peace.                                                                                                                              

Godspeed, Love,

Jocelyn J. Metzger



Jocelyn's Voyage to HEAL

Jocelyn’s Voyage to HEAL

My life has been an amazing, fully guided journey from start to finish. God has placed all the right people in my life at the exact right time for my destiny to unfold. This doesn’t mean that everything has been smooth sailing, but everything that was to happen for my life to unfold as it has, has happened. Nothing was ever done to me, but rather for me.

Thanks to my incredibly loving Aunt Janet, I knew I wanted to be an occupational therapist at age 16. Being an occupational therapist gave me the awareness of how the body and the mind work and what happens with injury and illness. This was a perfect start to learning about the physical body.

God guided me to Ohio with my first job, but I knew even during my clinicals that I wanted to be in Ohio. Here, I met my husband who has always been a transitional inspiration in my life. He pulled me out of the city and into the country, to owning a horse, and to a new job. I love small, intimate settings and peace and quiet so the country really did fit me better than the city. My horse brought me confidence and enlightened me to how my emotions can drive the behavior of those around me. I see myself in my horse which was further proof to me how influential we really are upon even our animals. We are mirrors of each other. The new job I took after I got married enabled me to take my first of many myofascial release courses which was the single most significant catapult in starting my voyage to heal.

John F. Barnes Myofascial Release taught me to feel. I was so unaware of my body before myofascial release. I knew stretches, exercises, and diet were important, but I didn’t really knowing what was going on inside of my body. I relied on others to tell me what was happening. MFR flipped that around and challenged me to look inside for the answers, not outside. I had to face my demons of insecurity, depression, self-blame, shame, guilt, and anger, to name a few. MFR is healing, but there was still more to come. Twelve years ago, I was diagnosis with Graves Disease. Using myofascial release, yoga, meditations, and self-healing within 2 and a half years my thyroid was functioning normally and has for the last 9 years.

The Course of Miracles transitioned me to a deeper, more meaningful, spiritual way of living. I’ve learned the beauty of simplicity in absolutely everything. It comes down to this, God is in everything, including me. All I need in life is God. The light of God will always shine on inside of me forever. Happiness must come from the inside, not the outside and when it doesn’t, our body is at “dis” “ease”. In Alan Cohen’s book A Course of Miracles Made Easy, he states that perception is a mirror and not a fact. Jonathan Livingston’s book The Seagull made the profoundly true quote that our body is our thoughts manifested in a physical form. As I struggled with adapting to the life changes of being a mother due to severe post par tum depression and a very under active thyroid, I had to really soul search to see how my perspectives were tinting the beauty of my reality. The more I dove into A Course of Miracles, the more I saw the miracles, not the hardships, in my life. This allowed my body and mind to be more and more at peace and slowly my thyroid has leveled out and my depression has lifted. I have found the miracle of life. I have found peace and I so want to share that with you.

So how do you really heal?

You are the only one who can heal you. Doctors, therapists, outside sources can fix your physical wounds, but only you can transform your thoughts to love of yourself and others so those internal wounds will mend.

Then the most powerful question ever asked will be answered.

What is the meaning of life?

That’s simple: to Love.

God speed on your Voyage to HEAL

A very special thank you to all the angels in my life that have paved this path including my loving parents, my husband, my dearest friends Tracy, Helge, Lauren, Susan, Marianne, and especially my daughters. All of you have brought out the best in me. Thank you

Voyage Process

Voyage Process

This is a 12 week voyage traversing the oceans of life in search of you. Take the journey at your own pace. I recommend spending a week on each chapter, but you make that call. Be dedicated to this journey and give yourself at least 15 minutes minimal  3-5 days a week to feel the releases. Each week dedicate 1 hour to reviewing the chapter, choosing your stretches, knowing the exercises, and implementing the daily tasks and meditation shift of thought into your everyday. Most of the Voyage is shifting habits and can be integrated into your everyday life. The more time you give to yourself, the more effective the Voyage will be. It's yours for life. So you can start off simple and always return for more.

Enjoy the journey. As you develop your own, personalized healing journey, you will hear your body ask you to focus on other areas. Listen. Take a side excursion to where your body is asking you to go. As your tour guide, I will suggest various releases, but feel what is right for you and spend as much time as you want at each destination.  The final destination is for you to know yourself and heal yourself by listening to your inner guide.

Here's how the voyage works:

  1. Read through and complete one chapter a week at the very most.
  2. Each week following, you will be given a specific area to focus on. There is a list of all the stretches in each chapter.  You may also watch the video of stretches that corresponds with each chapter found in the Inner Guide to Stretching DVD as well as the on-line Voyage to HEAL process. From the list or video, choose 3 stretches to focus on each week by circling the releases you like best. *For example, if you watch the psoas releases, there are multiple ways to release the psoas. Choose 1 option that feels right for you. Each week you should have 3 releases to focus on in a specific area of the body. If you just can’t choose, I offer my favorite 3 stretches in each chapter.
  3. Read or listen through the weekly meditation that corresponds with each area of the body while you are completing your weekly stretches. The length of the meditation does not dictate how long a release should be held. The meditation is just to get you started. You are welcome to listen to it multiple times.
  4. Each chapter also includes a postural modification to address cumulative traumas of everyday habits. It may be helpful to set a timer on a phone, watch, or your computer to remind you to be aware of the postural corrections
  5. Each section has a progressive series of core exercises for you to complete. The exercises are listed out and there is a guided video for each section as well. Do this at your own pace and never feel like you have to move on to the next set of exercises if you are not ready.
  6. Journal, paint, sculpt, or express yourself in any way that you can during this journey to keep track of the changes in your emotional wellbeing and level of pain. There are also evaluation forms for you to complete periodically throughout the voyage. The app Pain Log Skillo Apps is free and great to continually track your pain and mood. Keeping a daily log may help you to see progress and trends in your pain and mood.
  7. There are recommend readings for each chapter as well. You do not have to read the book at that moment if you do not want to. They are just a suggestion for now or later.
  8. Throughout this journey, you are in charge of where you go. I highly recommend that this voyage be complimented by weekly myofascial release treatments, counseling, or other body work that integrates the physical and the emotional body. Have someone that you can rely on and talk to throughout this process. You do not have to travel alone. Seek the guidance you need to fully HEAL and find yourself again.

* Watch Myofascial Release Stretches for the Beginner using a rolled up towel for guidance on following the MFR principles of stretch and release. 

Myofascial Release Stretches for Beginners

 * For a complete workbook with pictures of all the stretches, check out the following 2 books.

  1. Comprehensive Myofascial Release Self Treatment: Your path to authentic healing and pain relief by Joyce Karnis, PT
  2. Myofascial Stretching: A Guide to Self-Treatment by Jill Stedronsky, MS, OTR and Brenda Pardy, OTR
Voyage Itinerary

Voyage Itinerary

Things to know for your voyage

  • Understanding Fascia
  • Stretching vs Releasing
  • Guidelines for Corrective Releases

Preparing for your voyage

  • Body Alignment Assessment
  • Emotional Assessment

Week #1:

  • Diaphragm & Breathing: Giving and Receiving

Week #2:

  • Psoas, Piriformis, and Sacral Releases: I Am Safe

Week #3:

  • Pelvic Balancing Releases: I Let Go

Week #4:

  • Back Releases: Vows of Armor

Week #5:

  • Opening the Chest: Forgiveness of Yourself

Week #6:

  • Neck Releases: Forgiveness of Others

Week #7:

  • Facial Releases: The Voice of God

Week #8:

  • Arm Releases: I am Enough

Week #9:

  • Leg/Foot Releases: God’s Plan

Week #10:

  • Using the Ball and Foam Roller: Thank you

Week #11:

  • Unwinding and Rebounding: Limitless

Week #12:

  • Self-Mastery: The Meaning of Life


What a typical week looks like

Here is an example of a week in which the focus is on the arms:

Stretches: Arm Releases. Allow your body to move as it needs and see what happens while you are stretching. (A video and list of the stretches are provided along with my favorite 3 stretches if you can't choose.)

Meditation: I am enough. (You can click and listen or download the meditation.)

Daily task: “I am enough. There is nothing that I need to hold onto.” Begin simplifying your environment and life. Let go of things you do not need and focus on yourself. Remember, everything is a blessing, but nothing is really needed.

Postural Correction: How do you hold your arms in sitting, standing, sleeping? How is that effecting your posture? Change it if needed.

Exercises: Shoulder rotator cuff exercises (A video and written instructions are provided for all exercises.)

Bonus Feature: Abdominal Lymphatic Drainage

Recommended Reading: What is your Clutter Trying to Tell You by Kerri L. Richardson

* Reassess your wellness and alignment and your emotional holding patterns using the charts provided

The video below demonstrates the flow of a weekly routine that would be completed in the Voyage to HEAL process correcting cumulative, physical, and emotional traumas.

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  1. Patrick

    Love this program

  2. Jocelyn Metzger

    It is so rewarding to see the last 10 years of work learning and teaching come together in one program that encompasses everything needed to heal. As I created the Voyage to HEAL, so did I heal in the process. God supports us down so many paths so that we may grow and share with others. I am so grateful for all I have experienced and feel blessed to know I am right where I am supposed to be. I pray that you too hear the voice of God speak to you and tell you how amazing you are while on your voyage and forever more. God speed on your Voyage to HEAL. Love, Jocelyn

  3. shurley

    I would highly recommend the Voyage to Heal series to anyone & everyone! The online access to videos, stretches, meditations, inspirational songs & positive personal affirmations are wonderful but attending a live class with Jocelyn is even better! She shares her wealth of knowledge & vast experiences to make us all feel better too & this “lifetime membership” is like a gift that keeps on giving! Always something new & encouraging each time I get an email update, visit the web site or attend a live class. I can’t wait to have a copy of the Voyage to Heal workbook also as I know this is a resource I will use for the rest of my life.

  4. Susanna

    This course is a gift to yourself that can last a lifetime. Jocelyn has an extensive knowledge of techniques and how to employ them for every individual. It is a course of learning you keep coming back to over and over as you continue your journeys. You make this your own as you have been given the tools to achieve many kinds of healing.

    • Jocelyn Metzger

      Thank you so very much. It is as much of a gift to me as it is to you. Thank you for recommending to keep coming back as I’m always adding new things I find.

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