I am Enough

I don’t know about you, but I have been victim of falling into the “I am not enough” bottomless pit and struggled to get out. This is a horrible place to be because we often times don’t know how to … Read More

The Voice of God

Week #7 in the Voyage to HEAL focuses on the face and the voice of God. The background behind this class came about when I realized that God wasn’t just an entity in the heavens that I would meet someday … Read More

Vows of Armor

We just had another amazing Voyage to HEAL week #4 class focusing on the back and our Vows of Armor. There are events in our life that create negative belief patterns such as I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve … Read More

Lesson 123

I thank my Father for His gifts to me, Today let us be thankful. Let us devote today to gratitude that our father has never left us and will eternally love us. God thanks us for listening to Him. Thanks … Read More

Lesson 122

Forgiveness offers everything I want. Today I have accepted this as true. Today I have received the gifts of God. Forgiveness offers everything you want. Today all things you want are given to you. Open your eyes today and look … Read More

Lesson 121

Forgiveness is the key to happiness. The unforgiving mind is full of fear. It cannot see the good in itself or any others and cannot find any hope in escaping it’s despair. The unforgiving mind is angry, weak, afraid to … Read More

Review 119

107: Truth will correct all errors in my mind. I am mistaken when I think I can be hurt in any way. I am God’s son, whose self rests safely in the mind of God. 108: to give and to … Read More

Review 118

105: God’s peace and joy are mine 106: Let me be still and listen to the truth. Let me hear the might voice of God over my own and assure me that i am God’s perfect Son. Please follow and … Read More

Review lesson 117

103: God, being loved, is also happiness. Let me remember love is happiness and nothing else brings joy and so I choose to entertain no substitutes for love. 104: I seek but what belongs to me in truth. Love is … Read More

Lesdin 116

101: God’s will is perfect happiness for me. 102: I share God’s will for happiness for me. What he has given me is all I want. What he has given me is all there is. Please follow and like us:

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