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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

Become a B.F.F. Rider Challenge Sponsors

My business, would like to participate in the B.F.F. Rider Challenge beginning on this date of .

10% off gift certificate
End Date:
25% off gift certificate
End Date:
50% off gift certificate
End Date:
$10.00 off gift certificate
End Date:
$25.00 off gift certificate
End Date:
$50.00 off gift certificate
End Date:
Special Item:

Please e-mail your logo and business information to to have it placed on the website. Please indicate any special instructions below that you would like us to be aware of. Thank you for your participation and commitment to better the rider for the benefit of the horse.

I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I will hold to my chosen support above until I notify Sunshine Therapeutics of my withdrawl from the program.
  2. I will provide Sunshine Therapeutics 14 days prior notice of my withdraw via e-mail or regular mail. During that time, I will have to continue my support in the program. I understand that this will allow Sunshine Therapeutics time to remove my information from the sponsor list and notify participants.
  3. I agree to provide the incentive to the B.F.F. Rider Challenge participant after Sunshine Therapeutics has notified me of the participant's completion of the participant's alloted points.
  4. I understand that it is at Sunshine Therapeutics' discretion which category they place my incentive reward in.
  5. I understand that my incentive reward my be grouped with other incentives to equal the value earned by the participant.
  6. I understand that there is no fee for sponsors to be part of the incentive program, but the participants must pay an entry fee to join.
  7. I agree to promote the B.F.F. Rider Challenge in my business by displaying the flier or mentioning it to my clients when possible.
  8. I understand and give permission to Sunshine Therapeutics to use my logo and name in their advertisements for the B.F.F. Rider Challenge program only. I am aware the my logo and information will not be present any other place on the Sunshine Therapeutics' webpage, brochures, or fliers that in relation to the B.F.F. Rider Challenge.
  9. I understand that there will be other sponsors that have businesses similar to mine, but that Sunshine Therapeutics fosters a non-competitive environment to show case all equine instructors and vendors. Sponsors shall be recognized by their donation to the program and not by favoritism.
  10. I understand that Sunshine Therapeutics will do their best to ensure that all points are earned honestly and vendors are not taken advantage of. If Sunshine Therapeutics does discover that points have been earned after and incentive reward has already been distributed, the participant will be required to reimburse the sponsor and permanently banned from future participation.

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