Watch "Single Most Important Core Exercise For Back Pain" on YouTube

I subscribe to this Bob and Brad you tube channel and found this video right on with the recommendations I give for back pain. My only correction is that the exercises shown should be drastically slower, his shoulders should stay down and relaxed, and I wouldn’t advanced to lifting the legs up or the ball until the pelvic floor and the core muscles were stable and much stronger. Hunt, we have a beginners Pilates class on Wednesdays at 12:30 that would be perfect to learn this stuff. Otherwise, you’ll strain your back, pinch the vertebre, and inflame the area more than it was before by advancing too fast.
The point of sharing this video is to recommend that everyone learn what the pelvic floor and core muscles are and how to turn them on and off.
Visit and click on go shopping. You’ll see a link for $10 to purchase a 6 week on line core activation video series. Seriously, that’s $10 to get fit, decrease stress on your back, and feel great! Check out the Basic Core Activation Series.

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