Why am I so tight: Releasing the Powerful Ps on Tuesday, May 14th (Local Live Class)


Why are you so tight? There are three power muscles in our body that will offset our entire alignment and cause tension. The psoas (connecting from the back the the hip), the piriformis (the butt muscle where the sciatic nerve located), and the pterygoid muscles (which connects the skull and the jaw) are prime contenders in inducing tension and pain. Learn stretches to soften these areas and techniques to make that happen on a continual basis.

*Please bring a pillow and dress comfortably. If you are not able to lay on the floor, please let us know so we can have either a chair or treatment table set up for you. All stretches can be modified to meet your needs and that is what the class is about! It’s meant for those of us who may be hurting and want to feel better. So please do not hesitate to ask for help.  



Why am I so tight: Releasing the Powerful Ps (Local Live Class)

Date: Tuesday, May 14th from 9 am -10:30 am
Location: Sunshine Therapeutics, 277 Miami St., Waynesville, OH 45068

*This class is live and in person, you must be able to meet at the location and time above in order to attend.

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