Inner Guide to Stretching – Neck Stretches (Video Download)


Release that pain in the neck by addressing it physically, emotionally, and through postural corrections.

This series includes: a guided stretching video, the Voyage to HEAL Neck releases handout, as well as a video guiding you to complete manual lymphatic drainage of the neck to get fluid moving.

The Inner Guide to Stretching video explores gradual ways to soften the tension in your neck following the myofascial release principles to slow down, listen, feel and heal never using force, but rather providing your body with the comfort to put down your protective barriers. A pdf handout of this chapter from the Voyage to HEAL is also included in your purchase offering a detailed list of all the stretches along with postural corrections, core exercises, and the meditation that coincides with this area of the body.



Inner Guide to Stretching – Neck Stretches (Video Download)

* This product is an instant video download which is available immediately after purchase.

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