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How to curb sugar cravings

What do you do when your sugar cravings are out of control? Michele Gangwer and Jocelyn Metzger had a wonderful conversation about this exact subject to help Jocelyn stop her sugar binge.

Sugar cravings are common.  I have them from time to time, so you are not alone.  Let’s talk about why they may be happening and what your body is trying to communicate to you and what to do about it.

If you are a woman still experiencing a menstrual cycle, cravings may occur due to hormonal fluctuations.  Physiologically, serotonin (the feel-good chemical released by the brain) and blood sugar levels may drop as our body prepares for a period.  When this happens, we crave sugar and carbohydrates because the body uses carbs to make the serotonin we are lacking.  Some things to consider:

  1. This is real but you can make better choices with food in that a serving of fruit would be a better choice than eating an entire chocolate bar.  Fruits are full of fiber and antioxidants.  Chocolate is not.
  2. Choose complex carbs such as beans, lentils, quinoa, and brown rice. These are less processed and are organically whole food packed with nutrition.
  3. Craving specifically chocolate could mean your body is lacking magnesium. Magnesium helps with nerves, muscles, and bones. Examples of foods high in magnesium are nuts, seeds, veggies, and fruits.   I have attached a document listing various cravings and related minerals.

Now that we have discussed what could be happening hormonally and chemically in your body, lets discuss other reasons for craving the ice cream or the bag of potato chips! 

How are you managing the stress in your life?  We all have stressors.  Mine is probably different than yours.  Nonetheless, it is real, but it is our perspective that can change everything including the food choices you make every day.  We will often turn to comforting foods that usually result in processed and heavy carbohydrates to lift our mood.  This will spike our blood sugar giving us a short-lived high feeling until sugar plummets leaving us feeling blue and maybe craving more of the same crappy food.  It becomes a vicious cycle. I understand that a potato chip sounds so much better than an apple.  But if you start a healthier habit of eating the apple rather than the potato chip, your body will actually start to crave the fruit because you are creating a memory and changing your taste buds. 

When you want to eat that cookie, don’t be afraid to have a conversation with yourself:

  • Ask yourself if you are really hungry
  • What am I really feeling right now?
  • Would taking a walk, talking to a good friend, or reading a great book serve me better right now? It may distract you long enough so you forget about the craving you had for the cookie 😊

Be honest and kind to yourself.  Look inward.  You will find the answers.  Remember the cookie is a short-lived answer and you will be reliving the same experience with the next craving if you do not break the cycle.  You got this!

I am always experimenting with essential oils and creating different blends.  I follow Dr. Mariza Snyder.  She is an advocate of essential oils for health and wellness.  This is her blend called Sugar Be Gone.  Enjoy!

Peppermint = 10 drops

Grapefruit = 10 drops

Lemon  = 5 drops

Place drops in a roller bottle and fill the rest with coconut oil.  Roll at wrists, neck and stomach area. 






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