The bubble

I have been accused of living in a happy bubble. I love it here! Why would I want to be anything, but happy? I remember talking to a friend over 20 years ago about what type of plays we enjoyed … Read More

Love rescue me

I love this song. It goes perfectly with Deepak Chopra’s quote, “I allow love to come to my aid”. What is love, though? To some love is being accepted by others, supported, receiving gifts, complimented, or being desired. We can … Read More

Date yourself

A while back I listen to a YouTube video by Reverend TD Jakes. In one of his messages he recommended that we date ourselves. By this he meant that we should get to know ourself better. Ask yourself questions such … Read More


Breathing can be complicated. Below is one of my favorite videos of how the diaphragm muscle works (that’s the major muscle we use to breath). The second video is how to breath using your diaphragm. As you progress with your … Read More

Shake it off!

We just covered one of my favorite chapters in the Voyage to HEAL: Rebounding and Unwinding. It is a great opportunity to let go of control and let your body lead the way. Here is a short video of how … Read More


I am so very proud of myself. I figured out how to add the app to create blogs to my phone! Thus is huge because technology and me aren’t always the best of friends, but maybe we can be. Wayne … Read More

Jaw stretches

I love to make videos for clients to show them the stretches and since this is the week of the face for the Voyage to HEAL, I am sharing a video I made for a client. Not professionally done, but … Read More

Bend Your Knees

Today’s Voyage to HEAL class focused on the psoas, piriformis, and sacrum all of which are softened by bending your knees. Feel what happens to your lower back and butt muscles when you lock your knees. Now apply a slight … Read More

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