Laugh! Why do we have April Fool’s Day? Because we can get so bogged down in taking life too seriously and thinking of all our “to do’s”. My husband is great at playing and running around with my girls always … Read More

Celebrate the little things

A friend and I were talking about our journey to peace. This process involves downplaying events that may have previously gotten us upset because we realized that there is no benefit in getting upset. While calming the nervous system to … Read More

The power of kindness

So I recently became one of my clients and pulled my back while picking up a Tupperware lid from a drawer. All of a sudden I couldn’t stand up straight. This had never happened before and caught me completely off … Read More

Hope for 2019

One of my dear friends sent me the link below which filled me with so much joy and hope for the year 2019. As I shared this link with several of my friends, I realized we have all been on … Read More

Make Me Smile

The Make Me Smile Category is going to be filled with funny and heartwarming stories of good things happening all around us. There really are so many wonderful things that happen everyday. So here’s your first make me smile event: … Read More