What could happen

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I can’t help but see the coincidence between the Coronavirus outbreak and this being the Lenten season, a time in which Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. During those 40 days and 40 nights, he … Read More


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Communication is just about as challenging as ever with the advancements of technology. Sending emails, text messages, and personal messages leave us to interpret how things are being said. The problem with this is that our own perception and frame … Read More

Catching up on slowing down

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Life is busy. Eventually, things slow down. During this time, it is important to take the opportunity to slow down, give yourself permission to rest, and reset for the next time life gets really busy. Quieter times are the perfect … Read More

Labels for Happiness

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Are you enough to make yourself feel good? Are you relying on outside sources for your happiness? These outside sources could be the labels and roles you’ve created for yourself as your identity. It could be accomplishing a task. It … Read More

Then I rested

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In week 4 of the Voyage to HEAL we confront our Vows of Armor. These are our beliefs that we have created to protect our souls. They are a protective shield to keep us from getting hurt. An example of … Read More

What is God’s plan

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Ok, God, what’s the lesson here? What’s your plan for me? What is God’s plan? When we are born and every year after on that day, people say happy birthday. It is supposed to be a happy occasion. We are … Read More

Love for 2020

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“Your journey to greater prosperity is not about traveling to a foreign shore. It is a journey home to your true self. If you know you are enough, you know that the universe can supply enough. Focus on what is … Read More

Peace be within you

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The things we learned don’t always come from books. They come from our life experiences, the people we meet, and the experiences of other people that remind us that every day is a gift, every person in our life, every … Read More

You are not alone

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      Isolating ourselves can feel as if no one has ever gone through what we went through. It makes us feel alone and hopeless. We disconnect with the world. This is the freeze response. It is a survival … Read More

Take out the trash

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The lymphatic system is the body’s waste collector. It collects toxins, fats, fat solubles, water, and proteins from our body, filters them, creates leukocytes to fight infections, and then returns water and proteins to our heart to recirculate through the … Read More

Their purpose

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Their purpose Everyone in our life has their purpose. Family members, friends, strangers that we see in the grocery store, people we meet for just a few moments, they all have their purpose in our lives. There is a book … Read More

Thankful for Being You

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It can be a bit exhausting and sometimes frustrating constantly trying to better yourself. Sometimes I even get burnt out on self-exploration and self-healing.  This week’s blog post is continuing on our journey of self-awareness for self-correction, but the emphasis … Read More

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