Review lesson 113

I am one self, United with my creator. Serenity and perfect peace are mine because I am one self, completely whole, at one with all creation and with God. Salvation comes from my one Self I see God’s perfect plan … Read More

Review lesson 111

For these reviews, spwnd 5 minutes in the morning and evening and once every half hour thinking of the concepts being reviewed. 91 reviewed: miracles are seen in the light. I cannot see in darkness. Let the light of Holiness … Read More

Lesson 110

I am as God created me. Today honor yourself. Seek God today in yourself. When you find him, you will understand how meaningless are your idols and how false the negative images are which you once thought were you. Practice … Read More

Lesson 109

I rest in God. As you say these words to yourself in a restful state know that this thought will bring you the rest and quiet, peace and Stillness, and the safety and the happiness you seek. Completely under the … Read More

Lesson 108

To give and to receive are one in truth. To give is to receive. In today’s practice close your eyes and offer peace to everyone you can think of and see how quickly it returns to you. Begin by saying … Read More

Lesson 107

Truth will correct the errors in my mind. Errors are but illusions that remain unrecognized for what they are. But once they are gone they are gone and only truth will remain. And that truth is a gift of healing … Read More

Lesson 106

Let me be still and listen to the truth. Lay aside your ego and hear the mighty voice of truth, quiet in power, strong in stillness, and completely certain in its messages. Do not be persuaded by the voices of … Read More

Lesson 105

God’s peace and joy are mine. God’s peace and joy are our gifts from God. They are gifts that offer a more valuablw return. True giving is creation. Time becomes eternity, limitless becomes unlimited, and love never ending when we … Read More

Lesson 104

I seek but what belongs to me in truth, and joy and peace are my inheritance. God’s gifts of joy and peace are all I want.  In order to receive this I must clear my mind of all perceived objects … Read More

Lesson 103

God being loved is also happiness. Today fear him is to be afraid of joy. God being loved is also happiness and it is happiness I think today. I cannot fail because I seek the truth. God is not meant … Read More

Lesson 102

I share Godd2will for happiness for me, and I accept it as my function now.  I gain nothing by suffering and God does not want me to suffer or hurt. It is his plan for me to be happy. Pain … Read More

Lesson 101

God’s will for me is perfect happiness.  All that you believe must come from sin will never happen for it has no cause. Accept atonement with an open mind which cherishes no lingering belief that you have ever sinned and … Read More

Lesson 100

You are indeed essential to God’s plan. God’s will for you is perfect happiness. Your joy must be complete to let his plan be understood by those to whom he sends you. Without your joy, his Joy is incomplete. We … Read More

Lesson 99

Salvation is my only function here. God still is Love, and any misery is not His Will.  Your father loves you. Any pain you have is not His Will. Let in the light, and you will look upon no obstacles … Read More

Lesson 98

I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation. This lesson emphasizes that we can be happy and we can know our Purpose with thanks that doubt is gone and charity has come. We have a mighty purpose to … Read More

Lesson 97

I am a Spirit.  You are not a body. You are a Spirit that will love on forever in peace and joy despite what your body may endure.  Over and over say: I am a spirit

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