Why do you say I’m sorry

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Do you repeatedly say I’m sorry apologizing for everything that happens? Do you take ownership of everything that happens as if it were your fault? Why? Saying I’m sorry should be reserved for when you feel regret for your actions … Read More

Our house

I just came to a realization that I need to share with all the other house moms out there that go crazy trying to keep their house clean and organized. You know how we exert a lot of energy teaching … Read More

Blessed not stressed

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When stress arises do you go into panic mode or do you turn to gratitude? What am I asking?! Stress is called stress because you are in panic mode. So, if you took life in stride, lived in gratitude, and … Read More

Adjustment made easy

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Life is full of adjustments. The only thing that is certain is change, right? When the pandemic started it was a bit tough getting used to the new norm. Now, as we begin to reintegrate into our “old” routine with … Read More

Never Force

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Forced pursuits never turn out as you want. Remember the post from a few weeks ago that quoted the saying on my mantel? “Happiness is the journey, not the destination.” When force is used to obtain something, the destination turns … Read More


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Oh, the pressure! We want to change, but it is just so hard. There is so much thinking, thinking, thinking, and then contemplating and then stalling and don’t forget self-sabotaging. I’ll start my diet tomorrow so I must eat all … Read More

What is Fascia

Fascia is the hidden influence on our body that is often the forgotten child when we have pain and illness. Julia Lamm interviewed Jocelyn Metzger, expert Myofascial Release therapist, to find out more about what is fascia, how does it … Read More

The right cutting utensil

As I am working more in the kitchen, I realized how important it is to choose the right cutting utensil to cut foods. As an occupational therapist, I was constantly thinking of energy conservation tips for my clients lacking endurance. … Read More

I Let Go of Control

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Messages all around me are reminding me to let go of control, surrender, stop trying so hard. God will put everything into place as it should be. Control is a force, not a flow. Through our choices of how to … Read More

The ultimate plan

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God has a plan. God’s plan is very simple. God wants you to be happy. Part of life’s journey is the follow the advice God gives you through so many messages and learning more about yourself so that you can … Read More

Dreams do come true

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Sometimes, it’s hard to move forward when traumatic events happen in our life. Many people right now are thinking about their losses of a job, childcare, freedom to go out with friends, the ability to go shopping, and so forth. … Read More

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