Kari Samuels – Numerology

https://karisamuels.com/numerology/ Here’s something just a little bit fun to get to know yourself even more. The more we know ourselves and understand our reactions, the better we can turn those into responses. You are never doomed by anything. You define … Read More


The piriformis is located in your gluteal region below several muscles. The sciatic nerve can lay below, between, or above the piriformis. Hence, if the piriformis is tight or inflamed, you may get sciatica type symptoms of numbness and pain … Read More

The bubble

I have been accused of living in a happy bubble. I love it here! Why would I want to be anything, but happy? I remember talking to a friend over 20 years ago about what type of plays we enjoyed … Read More

Love rescue me

I love this song. It goes perfectly with Deepak Chopra’s quote, “I allow love to come to my aid”. What is love, though? To some love is being accepted by others, supported, receiving gifts, complimented, or being desired. We can … Read More

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