Circle of Life Wheel

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The roller-coaster is finally coming to a stop and life is settling down. I have found my new “norm” and peace is beginning to emerge again. Life has drastically changed in the last 6 months. There is still a lot … Read More

I surrender

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Last week I surrendered. I let go of hiding how I was feeling. I let go of time. I let go of the pressures I was putting on myself and then things began to manifest. A dear friend of mine … Read More

How can I forgive someone?

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The word forgiveness can cause a lot of angst in people. How do you forgive and what is the value of forgiving? I recently read Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt’s book The Gift of Forgiveness. Wow!  Reading the people’s journey of forgiveness … Read More

Support or Advise?

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Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus. Men like to solve problems while women need to talk it out and then they will solve the problem. The problem will be solved but in a different format. In both … Read More

How to offer Praise

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Inflate rather than deflate yourself and everyone else. What benefit is it to be negative? I frequently ask myself the question, “What is the benefit of this” when I get into a negative frame of mind. This also helps when … Read More

The Shift

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There are 2 options for the pelvis to move in 6 different directions. This week, it’s time to work on making a shift physically and mentally. Last week I mentioned that there are two options to a dilemma: Love or … Read More

Clarity in 1 word

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I asked God for signs to help guide me and I got dual answers. Why can’t I get a straight answer? I can’t get a straight answer because there are always two sides to every story. It takes two to … Read More

Why Wait?

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When you really want something, why wait? Go get it now! Stop for a moment. Have you ever thought that God’s timing is your protection?  Ever wonder why something you have wanted isn’t manifesting? This could all be part of God’s … Read More

Rewriting your story

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Perception is 9/10th of the law and sometimes our perception is off. It may be off 9/10th of the time depending on if the glass is half empty or half full. Choose another story. Get rid of your old books … Read More

Why are things so extreme

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The world has become extreme. Everything we do is to the limits. We can travel in outer space, break the sound barrier, run faster, communicate faster, drive faster, and reach limits of unheard of proportion. We do more in one … Read More

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