Inner Guide to Streching

For those of you who learn best through visual demonstration of the stretches, I have created a 2 DVD series that incorporates 2 guided meditations and a postural alignment section called “The Inner Guide to Stretching: Advanced Healing Using Myofascial … Read More

Healing Ancient Wounds

John Barnes has a great book called “Healing Ancient Wounds” that goes indepth into why our body holds memories and how to release those trapped emotions during your self treatment and hands on treatment. I highly recommend it.

Letting Go

While you are feeling the area that is tense in your body, say these 3 words to yourself “I let Go”. Feel the change in your body. You may even ask your body what do I need to let go … Read More

Psoas release

When laying on the ball in your lower abdominal area, make sure you are aware of what is going on in your body. This is an area that can speak very loudly to you.

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