May Flowers

According to Google, one definition of flower is: noun: flower; plural noun: flowers the finest of individuals out of a number of people or things. the period of optimum development. verb 2. to be in or reach an optimum stage … Read More

Balancing time #6

It seems that i am constantly trying to balance my time. I desperately try not to over book myself so I can spend more time with my daughter, husband, horse, dogs, me, clients, getting house chores done, getting work things … Read More

Finding Balance 5

So my favorite tool to improve my balance is the balance board. Check out this you-tube video for some simple balance board exercises. You can purchase a board through me or use a folded blanket or pillow.

Finding Balance 4

Balance Poses Sometimes a physical activity that challenges the balance is helpful. I recently taught a class and the first balance pose was really shaking. An hour later, everyone’s muscles very tired, but as we repeated the initial pose, everyone … Read More

Finding Balance 3

Grounding Exercise When the mind is racing and concentration is impaired, complete this simple grounding exercise. Grounding is a technique to bring you back into the present and away from dwelling on the past or planning the future. I highly … Read More

SI Stretch #3

Sacral Stretch #3: Laying on your back, bend the knees toward the chest, grab the inside or outside of the feet and allow the knees to fall to either side of the torso. This is a yoga stretch called happy … Read More

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