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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

CEU Course Pricing

Early Registration 2 weeks prior Regular Registration <2 weeks prior Registration at the door
$150/ single $175/ single $200/ single
$1500 / Private Course for 1-20 people $2000 / Private Course for 21-30 people
$2500 / Private Course for 31-40 people $3000 / Private Course for 41-50 people

*For Private Courses over 50 people, the price will be negotiated with Sunshine Therapeutics.

Want to attend a course for the second time? Your tuition is 50% off!

Buy an "Inner Guide to Stretching" DVD and receive $15 off a Myofascial Release Course. This price is not available during the class.

MFR Stretching Class will remain at $175 except for at the door registrants which will be $175

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