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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

CEU Courses

All classes are dominantly hands-on so you feel confident to immediately apply what you have learned wether you are a healthcare practitioner or a recipient. The CEUs have expired for these classes, but can be renewed apon request for the courses to be taught for your group or organization. I do apologize for not having class dates set. I am using this time to care for my children and only teaching the classes apon request.

Myofascial Release in the Traditional Setting

MFR in acion

This course is directly related to any individual or health care provider who works with patients struggling with ROM and strength deficits as well as chronic pain and fatigue. More than just treating the physical components of pain management, this course will also focus on the impact of psychological challenges that manifest into physical pain, an area often unaddressed. Participants attending the course will be able to assess a patient's postural alignment, tissue tension, understand and apply the principles of myofascial release, and design a basic self treatment program for their clients in the traditional therapy setting. Diagnosis and positional specific techniques to use on patients in wheelchairs, hospital beds, sidelying and supine will be explored. Lastly, patient and family education to self-treatment using myofascial release will be discussed. Have you ever felt like you are missing a key component in your treatments? Want no more, the missing link is myofascial release.

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*Please wear comfortable clothing, shorts and a sports bra if possible. Do not apply lotion to your body. Please cut your finger nails as well. If you have a massage table, please bring that with you or bring a soft mat and pillow for use during the course. Lastly, please bring 2 hand towels and one bath towell for use during class.

Myofascial Release Self-Treatment

Functional NMRE in acion

We all deserve to feel good. Experience a full day of stretching and treating yourself so you can better treat yor patients through what you have learned because no therapy program is complete without a home exercise program. Myofascial release stretching empowers the client to take responsibility for their wellness and healing. This class offers the therapist the opportunity to deepen their understanding of myofascial release self-treatment, learning how to guide patients to have less tension and pain, and balance the body. In this class, we will cover techniques to cultivate body awareness while exploring the connection between the physical and psychological holding patterns in the body. The therapist will also learn how to use guided imagery and the power of suggestion to release tension. Stretches to align the pelvis, spine, jaw, hips, and shoulders will be covered. Empower your clients to end the cycle of debilitating pain using myofascial release self-treatment. Your clients will experience a life without pain and tension allowing them to flurish in all their pursuits. There is no moment more gratifying then when a patient gets their life back and learns the tools needed to keep themselves pain free.

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*Please wear comfortable clothing. Please bring a soft mat and pillow for use during the course as well as 2 hand towels and one bath towell.

The Core of the Matter


This course applies to any health care professional working with clients with chronic joint pain, low back pain, recovering from an injury and surgical procedure, living with a neurological deficit, or experiencing urinary incontinence or IC all of which are effected by the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor disorders occur when the muscles of th pelvic floor do not activate properly. In a research study done by Arab A, Behbahani R, Lorestani L, Azari A. showed that individuals with low back pain have a significant deficit in pelvic floor function compared to individuals without low back pain. Learning to begin by treating the core will decrease treatment time, improve overall patient independence, endurance, and safety to complete the physical requests during a therapy session. This course is focused on educating therapists and trainers to the best place to start therapy by developing core stability. Strengthening exercises, pelvic balancing stretches, diaphragmatic breathing, and mental wellness to release tension are all components to a healthy core that will aid in supporting the extremities and organ functions. All participants will learn through practice throughout the day to ensure understanding of the importance of the material be presented.

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Functional Neuromuscular Re-Education

Functional NMRE in acion

This one day course on functional neuromuscular re-education is designed to provide you with information on the most common frames of references comparing their similarities and differences. You will gain experience in using NDT, Rood, Brunnstrom, Motor relearning theory, and PNF to develop your clinical reasoning skills to determine which technique will be most effective with your client. Function and proprioception are at the core of all these theories and are therefore incorporated throughout the day giving you practical application to use immediately when you return to the clinic. Meaningful activities engage both the physical body and cognition which is essential for neuromuscular re-education and successful outcomes. The course will cover treatment spanning from acute care to home health and out patient therapy giving you the expertise to create and implement an effective plan of care at any point of a patient's recovery.

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Private Workshops

Does your entire staff need to enhance their skills? Would you like to bring a course to your facility?


Sunshine Therapeutics understands how challenging it can be for therapists and employers to find the time and money to attend quality continuing education courses that create a well rounded, skilled therapist. That's why we want to bring our classes to you. When a team learns together they work together understanding and agreeing on important clinical reasoning decisions. That creates a team environment benefiting the patient.

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For more information, please contact Sunshine Therapeutics at or 937-307-4174.

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